3D Interactive Cell Image Library

Abhijit A. Gurjarpadhye, PhD and Nicholas F. Polys, PhD

Virginia Tech

Below you will find examples of microscopy data provided by The Cell: An Image Library. We have processed these data sets for interactive web delivery.

Clicking each example below will open an X3DOM interactive visualization of the cell structures. X3DOM is an open-source technology that runs natively in HTML5 (no plugin required). The link below each image points to an X3D encoding of the cell structures, which can be run on industrial-strength applications from CAVEs and HMDs to desktops and haptic devices.







Tools Used: Paraview, Aopt, X3D-Edit, Vivaty studio.

Note: Your web browser may block the contents of the x3D examples by marking them insecure. In Firefox, please click on the Shield icon next to the BACK button and select "Disable Protection on this Page" option from the drop-down menu. In Chrome, please click on the Shield icon in the right corner of the address bar and then click on "Load unsafe script" in order to enable X3DOM script and view the interactive contents of the web page.

Thanks to Fraunhofer IGD and the Web3D Consortium Members for their support!